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The market for lubricant continued confined to igniting and lubricants until, in 1886, the internal combustion machine and demand for petrol( gasoline) arrived with Karl Benz and the first Mercedes. By now the Samuel business had elapsed to Marcus Samuel junior and two brothers Sam. They exported British machinery, textile products and tools to recently industrialising Japan and the Far East and on recall imported rice, silk, china and copperware to the Countries of the middle east and Europe. In London, they transactions in merchandises such as sugar, flour and wheat worldwide.
It was during a excursion to Japan that Marcus became interested in the oil exporting business based in Baku, Azerbaijan, when it was part of Russia. The Rothschilds had being invested in the 1880 s in rail and passageways to overcome the transportation impediments of getting lubricant from this landlocked basi to the Black Sea and from there to overseas markets. Shipping still constituted a problem as the oil was carried in barrels which could leakage and took up a lot of cavity in the hold.
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