1. Coordinate the give and spread/ delivery of international shipments, monitoring and assessing caliber, part and safety of the received goods; oversee clearance and proper storage of goods and initiate role exemption requests. 2. Planned and monitor bringings by suppliers, clearing operators and organization’s stores. Establish and maintain regular contacts with glade and forwarding agents, customs, UN Organization, NGOs and Government jurisdictions. 3. Follow up and guarantees to goods are promptly delivered to the right recipients and that relevant acknowledgments are received; 4. Monitor on-going shipments, pipe message, guarantee land claims and other data, brief supervisors of any unforeseen problems pertaining to exhaust, clearing runnings, deliveries, .. etc and recommend solutions/ corrective actions. 5. Provide regular and ad hoc provides information on the progress and progress of shipments of goods.Office associated: 6. Register fastened assets in GSM. Ensure that office assets are bar coded and regular physical weigh is performed. Update and maintain accurate defined resources and armories data and reporting; 7. Guarantees to the agency propositions and furniture are kept in proper statu; arrange repair/ upkeep when required.