Careers and Job Opportunities: Italy has deterred on developing and cause from an power startup with a assortment of representatives into a world-class atomic energy association with a personnel of in excess of 2,500 souls. Our vast and developing radical shares one clear absorption- to give dependable and supportable nuclear energy to the Italy.

Atomic energy has an imperative area to play in our country’s future. Energy is basic to drive developed as a promptly developing economy like our own. Atomic energy passes the Italy the chance to build up a perfect, dependable and effective wellspring of ability while differentiating our force portfolio and securing a protective and economical power future.
Company is concerned the most elevated assume of experts and originals who are showing one of the biggest and most invigorating vigor extends in Italy history.

With a mission to convey protected, excellent, effective and solid atomic energy, the progressing accomplishment of Company depends flatly on a endowed and proficient workforce. Through our Energy Pioneers Program, we volunteer a remit of electrifying opportunities for students and knew experts