You will be delivered an superb and memorable patron ordeal while ensuring that GEMS policies, procedures and codes of conduct are followed at all hours. You will have good communication and organisation talents. You will work in close relationships with the front of residence team, attend personnel congregates and help on committees as and when required.

The Regional Manager will drive and foster a culture of patient and family centered care and busines greatnes, while improving patient& household know-how and patient relations across the physician rehearsal in VMSCCC. The Regional Manager will work directly with the Chief Medical Officer at the Cancer Center along with the executive squads at the Hospital and Valley Medical Group to assess and communicate performance and to generate change at all levels of the organization.

The Patient Admin Coordinator is a customer focused position that is responsible for the proposed establishment of outpatient and inpatient chronicles and for the leaders of the allocated Patient Administrators. The candidate states will play-act a variety of duties to accommodate and reinforce visitors to the facility and accommodate direct assistance to patients. The candidate states should have remarkable customer services talent, good personality and good communication knowledge. The Patient Admin Coordinator is a customer focused position that is responsible for the generation of outpatient and inpatient histories and for the leadership of the allocated Patient Administrators.

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